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Did you know that you can place your own webpage on the Internet
for only $100 a year?

I've heard it said that it is nearly impossible to make money selling your product on the internet. Well I'm sure that there is some truth to that. Small companies just can not afford to spend thousands of dollars to test a product on the internet. And most businesses are not suited to sell their products and services on the web.

But let's not forget the true power of the internet, information. Your company needs to be on the web just as much as you need to be listed in the phone book. People are turning less and less to the yellow pages, and more and more to the internet whenever they are looking for information on a product, service company, or for a new vendor. Your easy to find ad must be there when they come looking or you lose.

Thats were we come in. We are working to create a network where Eastern Oklahoma area small businesses can place their ad on the internet for less than the cost of newspaper ad, yellow pages ad, or even a few hundred color flyers. For less than the cost of last months phone bill, we will create your company a full screen, internet ad, host it, and make 1 update to it for a year.

Now here's the really good parts:
First off, we are a family business here in Eastern Oklahoma. We can stop by and talk to you face to face, to get your web page right.
Next is the important one. Your URL address. Instead of one of those slow loading, hard to type addresses, your web page address will be: or now ""

This might be the best part of the The Name. When people look for Eastern Oklahoma based companies with the search engines, they are going to find you. We are placing keywords and meta tags within each page to make sure that when someone searches for a Eastern Oklahoma company, with your type service, they are going to find you.

Since you read this far, I'm sure that you already know the importance of advertising your business on the web and that your biggest question right now is How Much?

Well the bottom line is You Pick How Much?

One Full Page.
(Hosted unchanged for a full year)


The web pages we create for you and your company are affordable and attractive. Our pages will get attention across the net and in your own back yard. Our objective is to give you the best net exposure possible. There's no greater image builder for a company than a compelling and informative web site. The key advantage of the web is instant distribution of information. People all over the world search the Internet daily for products and services (product specifications, availability, pricing, company/contact information, employment opportunities, promotions). Helping your web visitors find the information they are looking for at the click of a button is a tremendous sales tool. Your visitors will appreciate the convenience. Best of all, your organization can be listed in dozens of online directories and search facilities, enabling people from all around the world to find you easily.

What you get as a General Resource Services web site customer:

1. One (1) custom designed page describing your company

A. An introduction to your company and products.

B. A description of your most popular product or current promotions.

C. Email and postal addresses for your customers.

2. Ten (10) graphics. These graphics can be your logo, a banner that will be placed on the host server (ask for more info on this), or any appealing graphic or photographs of your choice. These graphics will appear multicolored on your webpage, and will not severely slow down page loading. These images can be of your company's facility, your most popular product, the new innovation that you are about to present to the world, your employees working, or anything else you choose. After deciding the purpose of your website, (promoting a product, or just letting the world know you are here), we will sit down with you and develop the best possible appearance for your webpage(s). We will use information you provide and write copy, provide digital photos and set up additional links. We will develop your site and create an attractive, eyecatching page.

When we create, design, and promote your website, you will know that your products and ideas are presented on the Internet in the best possible way to attract clients.

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