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Now comes the fun part.
The following questionnaire will enable us to get an idea of what kind of web site
you would prefer for your company.

If you do not have the time to fill this out now,
please, bookmark the page and come back later.

Does your company image reflect a no-nonsense picture of solid reliability
or perhaps, a cool new company targeting the younger generation?
Your company probably falls somewhere in between those two marketing images.
This questionnaire will help us find out what is important to your company.

Your Name
Your Company Name

Email Address
Email Address again 

What kind of Style do you prefer?
Please check the box(s) that is most applicable style for your web site.

Traditional / Conservative Natural
Traditional 90's style New Age
Contemporary Fun
High Tech / Modern Retro
Any additional comments on the type of style your company might prefer?
Is there particular colors or background desired?


What is the objective of developing your web site?
Please check the box(s) that is most applicable
objective for your company.

market products and services provide customer support
provide specialized information display products and services
improve public relations create a new customer base
create electronic mailing lists additional advertising
Are you planning to sell products via the internet? Yes  No
If so, are you already set up to take credit cards? Yes  No
Have you previously sold products via the internet? Yes  No
Did you need a E-commerce shopping cart on your site? Yes  No
Any additional comments?

Who is your primary customer?
Please check the box(s) that is most applicable  for your company.
Age Group
Children Teens
Young Adults
Adults Seniors
Mostly Male Mostly Female
Both Male and Female
Any comments on the demographics of your customers?
What marketing materials are currently available?
company brochures product specification
presentations customer testimonials
product graphics or photos mission statement
company logo company policy statements
product sales information FAQ's about   products and services
Are any of these available on a 3 1/2" floppy disk? Yes   No
Are you able to send any of the above materials via email? Yes   No

Please note that if  you are scanning  your photos or graphics
that the correct resolution for the web is normally only 72 dpi.

Any comments on marketing materials?


Is there examples of other web sites
that you have seen and liked the style of them?
Would like something similar for your company?

If you do not know the URL now you can email them  later.

Just a few more questions...

What browser do you use?
What  screen resolution do you use for your monitor? 
How would you rate your computer knowledge?
Do you already have a web site?Yes   No
If so, what is the URL
Did you want to get a domain name?Yes   No
Do you need a host for for your web site?Yes   No
If you already have a host does it support FrontPage?Yes   No
I'm not sure
If  you want or need hosting or a domain name I will e-mail you additional information on hosting and/or domain registration.
Thank you for taking the time to fill this questionnaire out.
We needed to know what is important to you in order to start designing your new website .
Please hit the submit button below to send the results of your hard work to my attention.
Any questions or comments about this site?
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